Contact Form 7 tooltip plugin* Magic Tooltips For Contact Form 7 is a WordPress Contact Form 7 tooltip plugin that easily let’s you add tooltips to the Contact Form 7 plugin form fields.

Our plugin is very easy to use. No programming is required.

Sometimes it helps to have the ability to display a tooltip over one or more of your form fields. Our plugin makes adding tooltips to your form very simple. In no time at all, you’ll be able to show helpful tips when users hover over your form fields.

Just install and activate and then you can begin adding tooltips to your Contact Form 7 fields right away.

To see Magic Tooltips For Contact Form 7 in action, visit our Contact form.

Check out our Screencaps page.

NEW: Disable over different devices. (Pro and Developer license only)

NEW: Checkbox and Radio Group Options tooltips now supported. (Pro and Developer license only)

NEW: Now supporting Conditional Fields. Please see our FAQ regarding this feature. (Pro and Developer license only)

NEW: You can now configure responsive CSS for mobile devices with the Tooltip Style Generator. (Pro and Developer license only)

NEW: Added input field to edit max width of tooltips in Tooltip Style Generator.  (Pro and Developer license only)

NEW: Added input field to edit z-index of tooltips in Tooltip Style Generator.  (Pro and Developer license only)

Magic Tooltips ForContact Form 7 features:

Contact Form 7 tooltip plugin Settings

  • As a matter of convenience, you can display the description field and also show a tooltip.
  • Enable or disable showing tooltips when mouse hovers over the title of a form field.
  • You can reveal or hide tooltips when a form field is currently targeted by the keyboard, or activated by the mouse.
  • If you like, you can set the plugin to show the help icon after the title of form field.
  • Choose to add an underline to the title of a form field.
  • Add your own Custom CSS.

Tooltip Style Generator

  • Use HTML in a tooltip.
  • Display images in a tooltip.
  • Use links in a tooltip.
  • Set the position of the tooltip.
  • Adjust the line height of the tooltip.
  • Change the font size of the tooltip text.
  • Modify the color of the tooltip text.
  • Add a different background color of the tooltip.
  • Display or modify the border color of the tooltip.
  • Adjust the border width of the tooltip.
  • Tweak the border radius of the tooltip.
  • Transform the padding of the tooltip.
  • See a complete preview of of your tooltip style settings.
  • Ability to save or reset your tooltip settings.